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  • Harry Potter: Hogwarts Express (4708)
    from LEGO Systems, Inc.
    This is the second hardest to find and second most expensive Harry Potter Lego set! With the popularity of the movie/book, Harry Potter is a hit, ergo, this set is hard to find and sold out within days once it is restocked in shelves! One day there were 4 of these sets at my local Toyrus, the next,...

  • LEGO Harry Potter: Chamber Of Secrets (4730)
    from LEGO Systems, Inc.
    Yea, kinda weird, but hey, I love Legos, from the original to the giant Darth Maul I've done 'em all (or at least most of them) this Harry Potter and the Chamber of the Secrets is well worth the money. Plus this set has over 630 pieces (which might not be to much to all of you Lego maniacs)would...

  • LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle (4709)
    from LEGO Systems, Inc.
    Even though this was sold out at the time, I got it for Christmas with no return address, so it was probably from Santa or something. I think it's probably the coolest Lego set in the history of the universe. I mean, it's got moving staircases and everything else you can think of. I have a huge...

  • LEGO Harry Potter: Dobby's Release (4731)
    from LEGO Systems, Inc.
    My 6-year-old son got this for Christmas. (He also got a lot of other Harry Potter Lego sets, since he's obsessed with Harry Potter).
    He likes this one, because it's simple enough for him to put together himself. He's just started learning how to put Lego sets together (as opposed to the bigger...

  • LEGO Harry Potter: Dumbledore's Office (4729)
    from LEGO Systems, Inc.
    I dont have many legos. For Christmas I got Hogwarts castle. That got me really into it. Last week I bought Dumbledoors office and Slytherine. I loved them both! Dumbledoors ofiice has twirly chairs, locks, and lots more!

  • LEGO Harry Potter: Escape From Privet Drive (4728)
    from LEGO Systems, Inc.
    My 9 and seven year olds received several of the Harry Potter Lego sets and this was the easiest to assemble. They really should have included a Dudley figure and perhaps Fred and George to extend the fun factor. Once the structures are built,the figures help the action and imagination.

  • LEGO Harry Potter: The Dueling Club (4733)
    from LEGO Systems, Inc.
    I have all the harrypotter legos and they are wonderful especially this set I like turning the thing so the guys go up and fall over I think this is the best set lego has ever made if you like lego's and you are a potter freak get this it rules the earth

  • LEGO Harry Potter: Aragog In The Dark Forest (4727)
    from LEGO Systems, Inc.
    I admit I do not love spiders. However, plastic spiders are okay. The plastic spider in this Lego set is pretty cool, and while it could have been better, it is fine for limiting the scare factor for younger children.

    The challenge factor is limited in this relatively simple Lego set. It is...

  • LEGO Harry Potter: Slytherin (4735)
    from LEGO Systems, Inc.
    There are 5 possible minifigs in this set. First you have Draco Malfoy, then Crabbe & Goyle -- all in Slytherin robes with black capes. But if you turn the heads of Crabbe & Goyle you see the faces of Harry and Ron! It's a nice idea if you can ignore that the alternate faces peek out on the...

  • LEGO Harry Potter Troll on the Loose (4712)
    from LEGO Systems, Inc.

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