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Bestselling Macintosh Graphics Software

Bestselling Macintosh Graphics Software
with Customer Reviews

  • CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 11
    from Corel.
    I've been using good old CorelDRAW 6,7 and then 8 for as long as I remember myself working with computer graphics (that is over 6 years). I think it's a great product and so far I was able to visualize everything that came into my mind using this software. The latest version of CorelDRAW that I...

  • CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 11 Upgrade
    ... I was relieved to learn upgrade from corel 8 was ok. In fact I didn't even have the serial# because it was long lost. I called customer support. After giving me the serial# to load the Corel suite 11 asked me to fax or email a picture of my Corel Draw 8...

  • Adobe Photoshop Design Collection 6.0

  • procreate Painter 7.0
    from procreate.
    Painter 7 is hands down the best and most most versitile digital art studio to date. I have been trained in various dry and wet media, this program lets you put that training to use. The freedom of a digital canvas cannot be appreciated by everyone, but if you are an artist who is a techie at heart...

  • QuarkXpress 5.0
    Although QuarkXpress 5.0 delivers everything its previous version offers, frankly, it doesn't offer enough in addition to these things to merit a $900 upgrade. In fact, this new version has some very serious drawbacks--namely, it is not native to OS X, meaning it has to run in the sometimes choppy...

  • Bryce 5.0
    from Corel.
    Who needs, directors, special effect experts, location permits, robots, trained animals, movie stars, costume and set designers, etc.? Bryce 5.0 is all that in a single box and a heck of lot cheaper! But, there's a fairly hefty learning curve! Bryce isn't easy to master. It's easy to use once you...

  • Adobe Photoshop Design Collection 6.0
    InDesign comes of age. I switched from Publisher 2002 to
    InDesign but bought the entire Design Collection. Very wise
    move it turned out despite the price. I was not impressed
    with InDesign 1.5 when I demo-ed it but 2.0 is terrific. The
    disjointed tools in 1.5 were upgraded to fit...

  • Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Upgrade-Mac
    from Adobe.
    Reviewer: A software user from Berkshire, United Kingdom
    At first glance this upgrade may look like it offers little new other than the healing brush, but a little closer inspection shows that there are a multitude of new tools including the Healing Brush, the Patch tool, the new brush options,...

  • Macromedia Studio MX-Mac Upgrade from 2+ Macromedia product
    from Macromedia.
    Another half-baked update. Macromedia really needs to go back to the drawing board and put out some maintenance updates. On the good side, we have OS X versions of these web design mainstay apps (Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash); on the bad side, they are so buggy that one wonders if OS 9 was really...

  • Corel Bryce 5.0 Upgrade
    from Corel.
    As an artist who has used Bryce 3D and upgraded to Bryce 4, I was satisfied with the product's ability to render realistic worlds and 3D special effects, even before I upgraded to Bryce 5. But for all the beauty I have been able to create with this affordable yet powerful software, there has been...

  • Adobe Photoshop 7.0-Mac
    from Adobe.
    Adobe did it again. Not only did they make a product that runs great in OS X but they inhanced it and made it better with new features like the heal tool. If you have been waiting to upgrade to OS X because of Photoshop order both right now.

  • Adobe Acrobat 5.0
    from Adobe.
    Adobe Acrobat remains the standard for business and government distribution of electronic formatted documents. The free Acrobat Reader is used to view corporate reports, technical manuals, tax forms and formatted online documents. Acrobat Reader works on every platform: PC, Mac, and Unix. Adobe...

  • .Mac
    from Apple.
    This software package gives you an account with .Mac for one year. What that really means is that you'll have an email address, 100MB of storage space on Apple's servers and a few other services. Those services are: Webmail - Access to your mail from any computer with internet...

  • procreate Painter 7 Upgrade
    from procreate.
    Painter 7 is the best set of tools for a digital artist.
    The natural media allows everything you can imagine.
    Take the pencils or the brushes and began to paint the
    world as you like. Excellent software !!!!!!!!

  • Adobe InDesign 2.0
    When Steve Jobs announced that all the new 2003 Macs would only be able to boot in OS X, I figured it was time to step up to the plate, get oriented to the new OS and upgrade our art department. The only thing holding me back was not having a page layout app that ran natively in 10, and I had no...

  • The Print Shop for Mac
    from Broderbund.
    I purchased this product to augment my sparse collection of clipart and to see what this package can do. I was disappointed on both accounts. The clipart is regurgitated web graphics. Only someone with little exposure to desktop publishing would be wowed with this selection.
    The program itself...

  • Suitcase 10
    One of the first software that I purchased for my MAC G4 using OS X was Extensis Suitcase 10. What I love about OS X is the ability to use PC and MAC fonts together and with Suitcase 10, the ability to store those fonts somewhere and activate or deactivate them through Suitcase 10. Extensis...

  • Corel Draw 10.0

  • Adobe Illustrator 10.0 Upgrade from 7.0 or Higher
    from Adobe.
    The saying, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions" is epitomized in this program. Adobe attempted to add a plethora of tools a designer might want. In fact, I think the program would work great for web design if it weren't so buggy. For print, it's just as bad as 9 was and 9 was VERY...

  • procreate KnockOut 2
    from procreate.
    This Photoshop plug-in is very useful, it makes selecting any kind of object a piece of cake. Improves workflow, saves time!
    Everybody who is serious about design should have it.

  • Enfocus Bundle Pitstop Pro 5.0 & Instant PDF 2.0

  • Freehand 10.0
    from Macromedia.
    As a long-time Freehand user, MacroMedia continues to disappoint. Hardy anything new, yet commands are different and it is much slower than the previous version (which itself was slower than the previous version). MacroM has abandoned the print market anyway; I believe this is their last release...

  • Macromedia Studio MX-Mac
    from Macromedia.
    Getting from proof-of-concept to production has never been simpler, more powerful, or more compelling. Simply revolutionary. One of the most powerful and pervasive development suites I've seen or used. The well-ordered convergence of technologies in StudioMX is truly inspired. Now data logic and...

  • Adobe After Effects 5.5 Production Bundle
    This was the most sensational animation program I have ever used. I suggest this for experienced animators only. Young animators who are just starting out should use a more inexpensive program.
    I hope this helps.
    Have fun!

  • Appleworks 6.2.4 Office
    from Apple.
    I am a computer programmer and have been using MS Office since office 97 was released. I bought an Ibook 2 weeks ago in order to get away from the Wintel platform (and Linux too). The appleworks program is great it lets me create documents that MS Office can read and will also open MS documents....

  • Adobe PageMaker 7.0 Upgrade
    from Adobe.
    Adobe has done very well with the OS X Native Photoshop and Golive applications. What were they thinking of when they released PM7? Personally, I'll never by another non-OS X native application.

  • Adobe Indesign 2.0 Upgrade
    I found that InDesign 2.0 offers greater flexibility than Quark and certainly is light years past PageMaker. Clearly, you need to read and compare the features of these page layout programs and, if at all possible, try the various page layout software before making a purchase. These programs still...

  • Adobe Photoshop Publishing Collection 12.0
    This is a great collection. You get 4 of Adobe's best programs.
    * Photoshop - THE program to use if you are designing advanced graphics.
    * Pagemaker - Awesome program to do professional typesetting, or to impress people at school. I've used it to create a great looking booklet for a school...

  • Print Explosion Deluxe
    from Nova Development.
    I bought this program the day I bought my new iMac. I love the iMac (super quality-works great), but the Print Explosion got removed from my machine after a week. It's a program that takes twice as long to use as the Printmaster Gold I have on my old PC and the results are far below what I am used...

  • FlightCheck Classic 4.0 Upgrade (MAC)
    from Markzware Software.

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