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  • SanDisk 128 MB CompactFlash Card
    from SanDisk.
    SanDisk flash is some of the slowest flash on the market. I strongly suggest purchasing a better brand such as Viking. The only thing SanDisk has going for it is price, but for a few dollars more you can do a lot better.

  • SanDisk 256 MB CompactFlash Card
    from SanDisk.
    I recently bought a Canon S40 camera which I love..I also purchased this Sandisk 256MB card to go along wiht it..I have taken as many as 264 pictures( think you can get as many as 500 on it) at 2272X1704 resolution(highest resolution for this camera) and it still was going..I believe you can only...

  • Fujifilm 128 MB xD Picture Card
    from Fujifilm.
    okay so everyone's upset about new technology???? This picture card is efficient and fast and holds lots more pictures than the known standard. I see nothing wrong with Fuji making their cards smaller, more efficient and better all around. Maybe this type card should become the market standard.

  • Fujifilm 64 MB XD Card
    from Fujifilm.
    Too bad Fuji can't stick with the compact flash standard.

  • SanDisk 256 MB Secure Digital Card
    from SanDisk.
    I bought this card for my Rio S50 MP3 player, where it worked like a champ. When I bought my daughter a Kodak digital camera, I popped it out of the Rio and into the camera where it worked just as well. Only problem is now I've got to buy more of them to feed my kids' SD-compatible toys. But at...

  • Nexian NXP3100 NexiPak Dual CF & Power Pak for iPaq Pocket PC
    from Nexian, Inc..

  • SanDisk 64 MB Secure Digital Card
    from SanDisk.
    Two kids and a dog. I can't help but carry pictures of them to show them off. Photos take too much memory, so I purchased the card and put the photos on it as well as PDF files and reading materials. It's great not to clutter and slow down the PDA with these files that are housed on the card. Only...

  • Linksys WCF12 Type I Wireless CompactFlash Card
    from Linksys.
    The WCF12 was so easy to install and works so well on my "old" Jornada 548 that I just had to write this review on it! For the 54X Jornada, don't forget to download the updated driver.

  • Palm 32MB Expansion Card
    from Palm.
    I have a m505 that's at the bursting point of it's 8 megs of memory, so I figured getting another 32 megs onto the device would solve all my problems. But I still have a few warnings:

    1) This card is designed to hold data, not programs. You can put some programs on it, but it's not very pretty....

  • 128MB Ultra Compactflash TYPE1 Cf Card
    from SanDisk.
    Just purchased this card to suppliment a standard 128 SanDisk CF and noticed that write times to my Canon G2 were literally cut in half with full resolution images. In my opinion it's worth the slight increase in cost.

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