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Bestselling Palm Handheld and PDA Products
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  • Palm m130 Color Handheld
    from Palm.
    I have owned Palm's since the first one. I recently owned a Palm 5x. I was hoping to hold out until a future high-end version came along but my Palm Vx had taken one too many knocks and I needed more storage space.

    This new M130 allows me to get all the features of the high-end models: (color,...

  • Palm Tungsten T Handheld
    from PALM.
    Finally, Palm releases a device and OS that can compete head on with the higher end Pocket PC devices out there. The Tungsten is the Palm device for the power users out there as it comes with 16mb of RAM plus the SD/MMC expansion slot, a blazing fast ARM processor, voice recorder,a very nice color...

  • Palm m515 Color Handheld
    from Palm.
    My first PDA was a Palm IIIC, which had an amazingly bright color screen. After I had owned it only 4 months, they came out with the M505. Passed the IIIC to my husband, so I could justify the [price] for the M505. Expansion slot and other features were a great boost to what I'd had, but the screen...

  • Palm Zire Handheld
    from PALM.
    If you need a handheld for basic PIM tasks such as phone numbers adresses and e-mail this is the one for you, read on. If on the other hand you need a powerful handheld computer able to do multimedia I recommend you look at the Sony Clie line of Palm OS handhelds.

    The Zire provides all you need to...

  • Palm m500 Handheld
    from PALM.
    First off I had a Compaq Aero which ran Windows CE - I thought it was great and everything worked fine. But when it came down to it I never used 95% of what it could do. Plus it was heavy and bulky and a pain to carry around.

    That's why after looking at a friends I went for the Palm m500. First...

  • Palm i705 Wireless Handheld
    from PALM.
    As a blackberry user for over a year and a half and a hard-core Palm junkie, I was eager to have a shot at carrying an all-in-one device rather than two devices which don't talk to each other. Plus, for the same price, the service offers more (web clipping and web browsing without usage...

  • Palm Vx Handheld
    from PALM.
    Next to the current power hungry CE Win based devices the Palm Vx is a gem! The Vx is the sleek Porsche compared to the gas guzzling muscle cars. They may make a lot of noise and have better radios, but they loose it in the curves. There's always room for improvement so here's my overview.


  • Palm 32MB Expansion Card
    from Palm.
    I have a m505 that's at the bursting point of it's 8 megs of memory, so I figured getting another 32 megs onto the device would solve all my problems. But I still have a few warnings:

    1) This card is designed to hold data, not programs. You can put some programs on it, but it's not very pretty....

  • Palm m105 Handheld
    from PALM.
    Lots of storage capacity... All the cool features of the Palm? m100 handheld, plus 8MB of memory, the Mobile Internet Kit, and a HotSync® cradle for fast and easy backup... Web and email friendly... The included Mobile Internet Kit makes it easy to stay in touch...Send and receive email wirelessly...

  • iConcepts Portable Keyboard for Palm (m125, m130, i705 & m500 series)
    from iConcepts.
    I use this keyboard with my Palm m130. It works well and is light and compact. Why only 4 stars? Because the keys don't always register when you push them. It's annoying, especially when taking notes because you have to type fast. But it's very inexpensive, and you get what you pay for.

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