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Bestselling E-mail Appliance Products
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  • RCA MSNŽTV Internet Receiver (RM2100)

  • RIM 957 Blackberry Internet Edition Wireless Handheld
    from Research in Motion.
    Well, I was a dedicated Palm user until I won the Blackberry 957 in a recent contest! It has all of the productivity tools I need - calendar, contacts, to do's and notes. Synchronizing with my PC was dead easy with the provided Intellisync software. There's also an automatic backup/restore utility...

  • RIM 950 Blackberry Internet Edition Wireless Handheld
    from Research in Motion.
    This is so easy to use. I've been looking for something that everyone can figure out/use. This is it! Anyone can set it up and start using it the same day. If you're familiar with email there is no real learning curve. It's also small and stylish. I am so impressed that I've ordered more for the...

  • Landel LT-301 MailBug Email and Internet Appliance
    from Landel.
    I purchased a Mailbug for my retired parents as a Christmas present. They used to complain about how their college student grandchildren would never write letters. Now with the Mailbug they not only keep in touch with their grandkids but they use it for weather reports, contact with several of their...

  • EarthLink Mivo 250 Cordless E-mail Appliance
    from CIDCO.

  • 3Com Audrey Web Appliance
    from 3Com.
    Audrey and 3com have serious problems. Let me establish my background - I'm an avid fan of the Palm series and now have a Palm VII having given my Palm 3x to my wife. The intuitiveness of the Palm and the research that went into it did not translate to Audrey. This thing was obviously designed...

  • Compaq iPAQ IA-1 Home Internet Appliance
    from Compaq.
    You need to have a high amount of tollerance and patience if you decide to become the owner of one of these things.We're constantly getting kicked off line,the thing constantly gets stuck;you have to reset it and you have to refind the web page you were previously on.If you can afford it just get a...

  • Compaq iPAQ IA-2 Home Internet Appliance
    from Compaq.
    What we really need is an Internet Appliance which we can use for ANY ISP. Allow us the capability to add 802.11b, so we can place a terminal on a kitchen counter to use while making dinner, watch streaming video, listen to MP3, use to lookup recipes, etc. This is only really a vehicle for MSN,...

  • EarthLink Mivo 200 E-Mail Appliance
    from CIDCO.
    I have used this since Apr 2001. Worked fairly well when I had a local access number. In Sept, they switched to an 866 (toll free) number. I have not been able to get on line since then.

  • EarthLink Mailstation- Mivo 100 E-mail Appliance (Black)
    from CIDCO.
    When I received my mailstation I decided to purchase the 1 year plan instead of trying the 7 day evaluation of this unit. When I called customer service they answered right away. The person I spoke with must have been dyslectic. She couldn't get my phone number or address or name correct. I had to...

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