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Bestselling Compaq Handheld and PDA Products
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  • HP iPAQ 1910 Pocket PC
    from Hewlett Packard.
    I have been a pda person for years now. Most of that time was spent using devices running the PALM OS. What drew me to a windows based pda was the multimedia capability. In terms of games, and general multimedia entertainment, the pocket pc easily surpasses the competition. The PALM OS though is...

  • Compaq iPAQ 3835 Color Pocket PC
    from Compaq.
    Look, I did hours and hours of research. I could write a publishable paper on the various features of PDAs so let me assure you if you're considering this product it is a pretty safe bet compared to it's peers. That also includes hours of reading consumer reviews. If you are looking for a product...

  • SanDisk 256 MB CompactFlash Card
    from SanDisk.
    I recently bought a Canon S40 camera which I love..I also purchased this Sandisk 256MB card to go along wiht it..I have taken as many as 264 pictures( think you can get as many as 500 on it) at 2272X1704 resolution(highest resolution for this camera) and it still was going..I believe you can only...

  • Compaq iPAQ H3955 Color Pocket PC
    from Compaq.
    I was a bit hesitant about spending another [price] on yet another iPAQ. Not that I disliked my previous two (I've owned the 3600 and the 3800 series), but ten seconds after I turned the unit on (3955) I was glad I did! The iPAQ 3955 works so well I have renewed confidence in the "New HP" as Compaq...

  • HP iPAQ 5455 Pocket PC
    from Hewlett Packard.

  • Fujifilm 128 MB xD Picture Card
    from Fujifilm.
    okay so everyone's upset about new technology???? This picture card is efficient and fast and holds lots more pictures than the known standard. I see nothing wrong with Fuji making their cards smaller, more efficient and better all around. Maybe this type card should become the market standard.

  • Fujifilm 64 MB XD Card
    from Fujifilm.
    Too bad Fuji can't stick with the compact flash standard.

  • SanDisk 256 MB Secure Digital Card
    from SanDisk.
    I bought this card for my Rio S50 MP3 player, where it worked like a champ. When I bought my daughter a Kodak digital camera, I popped it out of the Rio and into the camera where it worked just as well. Only problem is now I've got to buy more of them to feed my kids' SD-compatible toys. But at...

  • Nexian NXP3100 NexiPak Dual CF & Power Pak for iPaq Pocket PC
    from Nexian, Inc..

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